Welcome to PRGRSS Store. Sophisticated clothing and footwear for like-minded people.

Progress is defined as “development towards an improved or more advanced condition”. Being an online business, the spelling derivative of progress speaks to internet culture and the influence of digital language on our everyday.


First and foremost, progress is what our store sets out to achieve from a fashion standpoint. We started this business because we are passionate about menswear and strive to offer the best brands and products in the world. But as we considered the various touch points and stakeholders of PRGRSS beyond our target customer, we realised that in addition to creating a business, PRGRSS could exist as an idea. This idea of continuous improvement, rather than a fixed destination, resonated with us.


We first considered the ramifications of our packaging. The fashion industry already does so much damage to the environment. Coupled with e-commerce’s over-reliance on packaging, we realised that we had an opportunity to exacerbate the status quo, or source as environmentally conscious packaging as possible. We are completely transparent about the packaging we use, sourced from Australia – we currently utilise Inke Packaging to source our mailer boxes, No Issue to source our tissue paper, stickers and cards and The Better Packaging Co. to source our compostable mailer bags. Our boxes are produced locally in Melbourne from between 59-71% recycled materials. They are digitally printed with UV inks and are 100% recyclable. Our 100% recyclable tissue paper and stickers are printed on acid free paper with soy-based inks, whilst our cards are made from 100% recycled materials and are 100% recyclable themselves. Our mailer bags are made from corn-starch and are 100% compostable. Additionally, our standard shipping partner Sendle is the world’s first carbon neutral shipping company and factored into the cost of all of our Express Shipping with DHL is a carbon-offset fee. We make this information publicly available because we are proud of our supply chain and want to hear from any business that thinks they can feasibly improve it. We know that something better will come along someday and that’s the beauty of progress.


We also acknowledge that fashion, and particularly streetwear, is influenced so heavily by people of colour and ethnic minorities. We cannot hide from our position of privilege, particularly here in Australia, and are committed to a journey that seeks to increase understanding and awareness of Indigenous peoples’ struggles in our country. We have committed to partnering with Indigenous Fashion Projects and its National Indigenous Fashion Awards (NIFA), who create platforms and programs that champion Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists and fashion designers. PRGRSS will donate 1% of our sales in 2021, in addition to offering non-financial support and guidance where possible, so that we can contribute to the growth of Indigenous fashion in Australia. Progress means acknowledging that black and Indigenous lives matter and acting in a way that backs up that statement.


PRGRSS Store is a clothing store. We aim to offer the best selection of menswear in the world for our customers. But we are privileged to do something that we love and cannot deny that not everybody enjoys such privilege. We look forward to the day when we can set more ambitious goals. PRGRSS doesn’t necessarily mean we need to be perfect or the best at everything. Just better than we were yesterday.