PRGRSS Store (herein PRGRSS) takes customer privacy seriously and will only collect and use personal information with regards to newsletter signups for the purposes outlined below. PRGRSS does not and will not sell or rent your customer details or personal information for financial gain.

The information collected at the newsletter sign-up page will only ever be used in the following ways:

To deliver the product/s a customer has purchased;

To keep customers updated on the delivery status of items;

To handle any customer support inquiries; or

To keep customers informed about any future product releases or information that may reasonably be in their interest in the future

PRGRSS takes all reasonable steps to protect personal information by restricting access to said personal information, taking internal and external security measures and destroying all data that is no longer needed.

You are welcome to unsubscribe from PRGRSS communications at any time by clicking the automated unsubscribe link available on all general PRGRSS emails. If you would prefer to have your details removed from the PRGRSS database, please contact us directly.

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To update personal information held by PRGRSS, please do so via the My Account login or by contacting us directly.

PRGRSS reserves the right to make changes to its Privacy Policy, without notice. The most up-to-date version of our Privacy Policy is always available on our website.