Editorial // Here Comes The Sun

A reflective nod to the summer that was or an anticipatory glimpse at the one to come, depending on what hemisphere you're in...

Photography: Hanako Muller

Videography: Joel Fenton

Models: Dana Sukic, Nicholas Mahady, Bingham Thurgate

The concept of seasonal collections is a strange one for our store. On the one hand, we’re an online retailer that is fortunate to serve customers worldwide. We’re proud globalists and don’t see national borders or hemispheres as a limitation. On the other hand is the very real fact that the overwhelming majority of our buy is from international brands based in the northern hemisphere.

We’ve never been particularly bothered by this; to us, seasonal fashion is an arbitrary concept that encourages you to buy ‘more’, a notion emphasised especially by fast fashion retailers. We subscribe to the idea of ‘buy well, buy once’ and stand by the quality of our garments lasting many seasons, rendering the premise irrelevant anyway.

That said, it does create an interesting conundrum when creating marketing materials for our global audience. We admire the work of so many Melbourne-based creatives and always endeavour to create our content locally. And so we wanted to explore the idea of a lookbook having dual meaning to the viewer, depending on where you are in the world. The weather is omni-present and blue skies and sunshine are a universal symbol for a social, youthful existence.

We liked the idea of leaning into a sunny day at the park, as Melbourne braces itself for another long, dark winter. The images were captured on one of the last ‘nice’ days that we’ll be graced with for many months and posit reflection on the summer that was. For us, anyway. For viewers based in the northern hemisphere, we liked the idea that you could look through the same set of images and the same items of clothing, and take an entirely different perspective from the set – one filled with anticipation and headiness for long days, warm nights and holidays.

We hope to lean into this concept again in coming seasons, but for now, enjoy the image set below and keep your eyes peeled for original video content coming soon.