UV CORE - UV TOWER is the latest project from music researcher and London-based producer Andrea Guidi.

Video published with permission from EDEN power corp

Video by Alessandro Dalla Fontana

Special thanks to Slam Jam & Spazio Maiocchi

A generative musical system made possible by lasers and reflective mirrors, UVTOWER is a reflection on the accelerating rates of growth in the digital age through sound and interaction.

It works by tracing in a circle by a laser beam situated atop a tower – the flow of the rhythm directly linked to the device. As the laser reflects off the mirrored surfaces and back onto itself, the sound scales up exponentially until a metaphorical echo chamber is created, the music collapses on itself and the system starts anew. The pattern of sound can be manipulated by adding or removing mirrors, leading the system to generate denser or slower musical structures, but it remains a metaphor that is only made possible by sound.

The musical project of London-based producer Andrea Guidi, UVCORE is an exploration of the sonic objects from post-rave and hardcore cultures. The sound is approached from an inherently scientific standpoint to create music that is both challenging and reflects on the accelerated age we find ourselves in by exploring topics such as time and human-computer interaction.

UVTOWER was presented at the international art event ARS Electronica (AT), whilst UVCORE’s first EP LAMPORAMA is due at the end of 2020.